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Looking for a unique gastronomic experience? Why don’t you indulge in our wide selection of prime Japanese cookery? You don’t need to book a flight to the Land of the Rising Sun for you to taste authentic Japanese food because at Symphony Sushi, we will bring Japan’s menu right to your table. We only use the finest ingredients when making our world-class Japanese dishes. We aim to satisfy your taste buds, which is why we only use ingredients that will bring out the full flavor of our dishes with each bite.


A typical Japanese meal almost always consists of white rice or what they call ‘gohan’. If you visit restaurants in Japan, rice dishes will always be a part of their menu as it is considered a staple food in the country.

Japanese cuisine is different from Western cuisine and what makes it different is the fact that Japanese people are not keen on food touching other dishes on a plate. Their food preparation and presentation are truly unique. Each flavored dish in Japanese cuisine is separated in bowls either that or they are partitioned using edible leaves.