Grilled salmon with vegetable salad

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring. As a matter of fact, if you do your research well you might even come up with a delectable dish that you can always come back to whenever you feel like detoxing. Take for instance this amazing and heavenly grilled salmon with vegetable salad.

With this dish you’ll have your protein and your fair share of vegetables all in one meal. Not only is this recipe healthy and good for your heart, it is also very palatable. You can serve this as an appetizer when you’re having guests over or you can pack it as your snack when you go to the office. Either way, we are pretty sure you are going to love it.

Total tile is 50 minutes with 35 minutes of prep time and 15 minutes cooking time. This recipe will yield 4 servings. Level of cooking is easy and you can whip it up any time of the day.

For the ingredients you will need the following:

• 20 pieces of asparagus spears
• 1 small red onion sliced thinly
• 2 oranges, peeled and segmented
• ½ teaspoon of salt
• ½ teaspoon of pepper
• ½ cup of olive oil
• 4 (6oz) salmon fillets
• ½ pound of baby salad greens
• 1 cup olives sliced in half
• Vinaigrette

Here’s how to prepare it:

1. Preheat the grill.
2. Place a medium pot of water on the stove and wait for it to boil.
3. Remove the bottom part of the asparagus and cook it in the boiling water not more than thirty seconds.
4. Remove from the pot and transfer to a clean plate.
5. Arrange the salmon fillets on a plate and drizzle it with ¼ cup of olive oil, ¼ teaspoon of pepper and 14 teaspoon of salt. Place the salmon slices on the grill with the skinless side down.
6. Grill the salmon for about five to ten minutes on each side.
7. While grilling, prepare the salad by combining the vinaigrette, greens, oranges, onions and olives.
8. Toss everything in a large bowl until all ingredients are evenly coated.
9. Divide the salad into four plates.
10. When salmon is cooked, drizzle the remaining olive oil, pepper and salt unto the asparagus and let it grill lightly for about three minutes while moving it frequently with tongs.
11. Remove both the salmon and the asparagus and place them on top of the four plates with the greens. Pour the remaining mixture over the salmon.
12. Serve and enjoy!

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